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The College Backgrounds Of The Democrat Candidates For President

by on Jul 23, 2019 0

Where the Democrat contenders for president went to college and what they studied.  Getty The educational backgrounds of candidates for elected office are always of interest. Those histories may reveal early influences that shaped candidates’ overall world views or positions on specific issues like the environment, international affairs or education itself. Sometimes, extracurricular activities foretell what ultimately becomes…

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Stephen Lecce, Ontario’s unique education minister, says he’s listening

by on Jul 23, 2019 0

From mandatory e-learning to fewer teachers and bigger classes — all issues students have huge concerns about — “it would signal to us that he is listening if he takes action,” said Amal Qayum, president of the Ontario Student Trustees’ Association, which represents all two million of the province’s public school students.Smaller class sizes are…

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India to plot up National Be taught Foundation

by on Jul 23, 2019 0

India is establishing a National Research Foundation (NRF) to fund, coordinate, and foster research in the country, finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman announced during her first budget presentation on July 5. The prime minister will chair the foundation. The NRF was proposed in a draft National Education Policy developed by a panel of 80 experts. The…

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From a cyborg manifesto to hacking humanity, study this artist’s tech-themed ...

by on Jul 22, 2019 0

By KC Ifeanyi10 minute ReadFast Company’s European Innovation Festival in Milan brought together the foremost thinkers in business, tech, and entertainment around the idea of humanity’s convergence with super intelligence. Professor Yuval Noah Harari’s keynote imagined a post-human world where machines aren’t tools of man but man becomes machine; Gucci president and CEO Marco Bizzarri explained how…

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