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8 highlights from hedge-fund billionaire Ray Dalio’s Reddit ‘AMA’ session

8 highlights from hedge-fund billionaire Ray Dalio’s Reddit ‘AMA’ session

By on May 21, 2019 0 6 Views
Ray Dalio AMA
Bridgewater Associates founder Ray Dalio on Reddit.

Ray Dalio/Reddit

  • The hedge-fund founder Ray Dalio hosted a candid Reddit AMA on May also 7, at some level of which Redditors may maybe maybe quiz him questions referring to the relaxation, from his firm’s work culture to the style forward for local climate alternate.
  • Users also asked him for all times recommendation and guide suggestions.
  • The one mutter Dalio wants he had — and that money can no longer rep — is time.
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Ever wished to quiz a billionaire the relaxation? The hedge-fund founder Ray Dalio sat down for a Reddit AMA on Tuesday, at some level of which he answered questions from Reddit customers on hundreds of subject matters, at the side of local climate alternate and his current books.

Reddit customers (or Redditors) are section of an infinite on-line neighborhood with subreddits for nearly all the pieces. Considered a few of the vital neatly-most up-to-date subreddits is “/r/IAmA,” the assign celebrities and authorities in explicit fields take a seat down for the digital equivalent of a radio call-in mark (AMA stands for “quiz me the relaxation”).

Dalio — who founded the largest hedge-fund, Bridgewater Associates, in 1975 — is a self-made billionaire with a rep rate of $18.4 billion. He no longer too long ago launched an app, Ideas in Action, in step with his 2017 most attention-grabbing vendor, “Ideas,” designed to present recommendation on success in work and in life. Now Dalio has decided to present out his life recommendation on the web to somebody routine ample to quiz.

Dalio unfolded the inquire of-and-answer session with a put up that began: “I’m Ray Dalio – founding father of Bridgewater Associates. I’m attracted to how truth works and having principles for facing it wisely – significantly about life, work, economics and investments. Question me about these items—or the relaxation.”

Right here are some highlights from that dialogue:

A Reddit user asked Dalio how local climate alternate would affect the economy.


One other user asked him for his current books of all time.


A user named malkojohn pointed out that Dalio no longer too long ago downgraded the potentialities for a recession to 35% and asked for investing recommendation in step with that prediction.


With commencement season already right here, the user Neoking asked what Dalio would gaze in college if right here salvage been 18 correct now.


The Bridgewater founder also frolicked explaining “the art work of thoughtful difference.”


Dalio took a reflective flip when the user AustinSam3000 asked him what he wished he had that money can no longer rep.


Speaking of which, he had time to maneuver his app, Ideas in Action.



Ray Dalio
Reddit AMA

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