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Stack Alternate now permitting keen advertising on their attach of residing

Stack Alternate now permitting keen advertising on their attach of residing

By on July 14, 2019 0 2 Views

Please forbid keen commercials.

From the discussions on this Meta.SE question and this Plot of labor Meta question (there are presumably others), or now not it is dazzling certain that the team does now not need keen commercials — particularly obnoxiously-keen ones with hundreds circulate and everlasting looping.

SE’s longstanding insurance policies on the sites with curated commercials (SO and a few others) bar(crimson?) animation, for precise causes. Those precise causes apply to the comfort of the community too; even though the mechanics of delivering commercials rep changed, this component of our quality standards must quiet now not. This announcement is at the moment restful on the discipline of animation, which is why I’m raising this here.

(I’ve additionally viewed one file to this level of a video ad. Video is a diverse (noisy) case of animation and can in an identical design be barred.)

answered Jun 20 at 15: 39

You do now not favor income from impressions/click throughs from active team participants. We already freely come up with the convey material that’s producing the “100Good ample online page views per 2d”, no topic being any such small, small footprint of the total traffic on the salvage convey material.

In diverse phrases, you are already monetizing us and our contributions. You do now not must monetize us extra.

“Reduced ad privileges” must quiet be an absolute precedence implementation for the comfort of the community, and this ad making an strive out must quiet be decide-in for registered contributors. The most interesting reason you will need us to sight these commercials for the length of making an strive out is for the reason that “pressure by” traffic that can generate the extensive majority of the views are by nature now not going to present the feedback you may want to flag unsavory or malicious commercials.

answered Jun 20 at 14: 37

If you happen to sight any commercials that are rotten or rep any questions about this experiment, please let me know by starting a original question…

I’m now not fairly tickled with above. Utilizing meta to file rotten commercials sounds cherish a gleaming belief at a first peek but the thing is, it used to be already tried with job commercials at Stack Overflow and has proven to work pretty poorly.

That prior strive of facing commercials points at SO, it at remaining led to a technical solution permitting customers to perfect at once file rotten job commercials – and, provided that meta complaints in actuality disappeared after this used to be rolled out, I could relate it has proven to work successfully.

I counsel that this time, we perfect skip repeating that painful part of learning about how meta is a uncomfortable formulation to contend with troublesome commercials and proceed at once to the formulation that used to be proven to work so considerable larger with job commercials at Stack Overflow.

There could be even a prepared characteristic ask for that: Please give us a straight forward formulation to flag rotten commercials

Provided that experiment is going to accelerate for over half of year at multiple sites I could expect that effort invested in porting talked about SO characteristic feeble for job commercials will be sufficiently paid lend a hand.

answered Jun 20 at 6: 29

I’m overjoyed to hear that topical commercials are quiet your arrangement. Or now not it is clearly going to raise a whereas to derive there, so within the intervening time, are there any coarser filters that could possibly possibly be applied? Certain kinds of commercials that are now not in most cases rotten could possibly possibly well however be rotten on particular sites; construct we construct the leisure about that?


  • commercials for mail-uncover meat (cherish Omaha steaks) on Vegetarian & Veganism

  • commercials modelling lingerie, underwear, or bikinis on among the faith sites (I rep viewed such commercials on Plot of labor)

  • commercials promoting particular political or non secular positions, successfully, almost any place but particularly on Politics, Skeptics, and (diverse) faith sites

  • commercials for essay-writing products and companies (i.e. homework sites) on Academia, Writing, and possibly language sites (now we rep some power spammers from these products and companies; I bewitch they additionally construct commercials)

  • commercials for junk science, paid-entry journals, and the cherish on science sites

Since there is some level of implicit endorsement when a attach of residing runs commercials, construct we determine the formulation to discontinuance the look-rollingly rotten “endorsements” on particular sites? That bikini or suntan-lotion ad that’s topical on Gallop would be problematic on Mi Yodeya.

If you happen to can’t construct per-attach of residing customizations of the ad parameters, is it doable to exclude sites from this trial entirely within the occasion that they make an actual case for it on their metas?

answered Jun 20 at 2: 43

I’m fairly sorry, but I don’t accept as true with I will let you at these conditions.

Please don’t derive me horrible, but as I learn this announcement I will’t inspire but to derive a “let’s strive an sight what happens, possibly they couldn’t derive too offended” vibe – I truly don’t derive how considerable examine has been carried out BEFORE and how considerable you expect to learn from the customers having to face trusty incidents.

we’re learning about what advertiser networks will work for us and which can provide the typical of commercials that we need.

By this claim, it appears you are quiet making an strive to learn what commercials supplier are working for you. Fortunately ample, it appears we agree on the root of which commercials are perfect insupportable.

Immoral commercials are chunky veil takeovers, punch the monkey, rip-off, pornographic, racist, and so on. Some divergence from topic is comely but we’ll video show for exaggerations.

Whereas that is indeed precise to hear, the mere truth we are enraged relating to the eventuality of issues cherish these in all fairness worrisome to me. I could cherish to factor in that is nice an hyperbole, an vulgar example of a “will by no design be” incident that could possibly possibly happen to the finest of the supplier, but from what I heard to this level I’m now not definite. Some customers cherish Monica needed to sight lingerie commercials on “The Plot of labor”… Genuinely???

I will be fairly frank. I’m feeble to sight fairly a few commercials pushed to mobile “freemium video games” – being the tech pony design that on every occasion a relative or pal notices one thing weird and wonderful it is most likely you’ll possibly possibly be the particular person who will be requested for suggestion.

I progressively wondered… why some corporations that plot pegi-3 video games are one way or the other ready to derive honest kid-steady commercials supplier straight from the originate and a few diverse producers strive to consider that on-line casinos commercial in a recreation intended for youths presumably is now not very appropriate. Why some managed to perfect use “steady” suppliers from the starting whereas diverse are quiet learning what to use after years… I do now not know.

I’m now not definite that some suppliers are truly deserving to be checked within the predominant attach of residing, particularly on a community cherish SE. Whereas I completely realize your needs, I one way or the other feel the method here’s a small too considerable on the “reactive aspect”. As a ways as I derive it:

  • multiple suppliers are being tested, but I will’t entry a list of those beneath scrutiny to sight if we are talking of excessive-quality established ones or excessive-paying scammy-having a sight engage-altering-names-every-two-weeks malwertising factories. To this point, the empirical info I derive from some truly unpleasant samples that had been posted appears to existing that at least part of them are more conclude to the 2d option.
  • I will’t know where they are being tested, so in most cases it is a “can came up at any time” scenario. Which design that from my level of view it is needless to raise a sight at to construct some making an strive out since I could perfect lose my time making an strive to even make a decision where I must quiet be doing the making an strive out within the predominant attach of residing (it appears that, some sites are getting worse commercials that others, so now not every attach of residing is equally most important. Also, geo-localization appears to be a mountainous part of the scenario since I seem to receive a ways much less rip-off commercials that customers cherish ShadowWizard construct)
  • I truly hope that is nice me being pessimistic but I additionally derive a truly unsettling “we are quiet making an strive out which suppliers work for use, know that a few of them would be serving unpleasant stuff since we do now not know” vibe. Yep, perfect-looking out, we are told to flag the unpleasant convey material and to this level it labored for fixing the errors… but I’m now not definite I want to be the one who will derive the admire to file the grownup attach of residing commercial he obtained whereas at work or the one commercials who tried to silently download a wonderful Trojan on his house computer.

Again, don’t derive me horrible, I do know you will need the money and I could cherish to derive you some in some formulation. But as now, I’m now not definite I will truly sight myself participating in this take a look at.

It’s time for some filtering.

Update 1 July 2019: in presumably the latest days I rep peaceable some data on the assorted incidents which rep took attach of residing in perfect about two weeks of making an strive out.

  • I rep in my belief witnessed commercials that attempted chunky online page redirects
  • Some customers on the SO Meta reported commercials that it appears that use audio files for tracking/fingerprinting purposes
  • Many customers had been uncovered to rip-off/clickbait commercials
  • it appears that at least one consumer saw an commercials that attempted to trick her into downloading an executable file

I’m dazzling definite all those incidents had been resolved or are being labored on perfect-looking out now… But how can I be sure it is steady to fall the defend and test if the rain of arrow has indeed ended?

answered Jun 20 at 9: 06

Stack Alternate sites are the finest sites I rep ever whitelisted in my ad blocker. The 2d I sight an animation, I will block all your commercials. Your decision.

answered Jun 22 at 15: 27

Interestingly this scheme into which I had been investing my time, mostly by answering questions, has taken a critical pivot within the industry mannequin.

I realize that organizations need income. I realize that even supposing I believed of it as “investing”, and I rep spent many days learning the team standards and working internal the communities here, these “investments” have not any weight within the industrial choice.

I additionally realize that we, management and the contributing consumer tainted, rep constructed a stamp, a extremely efficient reputation, and a market presence. Also, that easy veil blueprint is a tempting placement for commercials, and that you simply, the industrial proprietor of this blueprint, rep one of the best formulation to originate that easy blueprint to commercials and monetize the goodwill we all rep accumulated.

Alternatively, even with all my realize and compassion, it is a loss. It’s one other noteworthy, cooperative, Web venue was into a income engine. This is able to possibly possibly very successfully be your most productive option. Supporting this operation is costly. When I saw the announcement of the enterprise model, “Teams”, I used to be tickled that you simply had stumbled on a formulation to thread the industrial needle.

I learn this pass as a stamp that “Teams” is failing.

This is able to possibly possibly very successfully be a pass of desperation, wherein case please keep up a correspondence that. It’s going to very successfully be that the earlier placement of team commercials used to be a strategic probe and one of the best phrases that came with it used to be a deliberate manipulation and deception — management attire itself in a radiant mantle of virtue. With the ambient cynicism in my world, with out testable, clear dialog from management, it is advanced for me to raise one other knowing.

Here is your attach of residing, and it is most likely you’ll possibly possibly construct as you will need. My loss is the phantasm that I used to be a valued part of it.

Is the day coming when answers are equipped, one per online page, starting with the least up-voted, surrounded by commercials and racy notes that the finest reply lies perfect forward, thru the next click?

answered Jun 20 at 13: 20

I block all commercials, on all net sites, with out exceptions. Here is my feedback:

  • All commercials are spammy.
  • All advertising networks are unpleasant.
  • All commercials are low-quality.
  • I don’t care how fastidiously you vet them.
  • Ads are now not precise convey material.
  • If you happen to’d cherish to sell commercials to remain in industry, your industry mannequin is, within the prolonged-timeframe, unsustainable, and strive to be focusing your efforts on transitioning to a sustainable industry mannequin.

answered Jun 21 at 13: 54

Which net sites is that this experiment working on? As a ways as I’ve viewed to this level the particular list of attach of residing hasn’t been documented officially.

I’ve said this sooner than, but I truly accept as true with that this roughly drastic switch must quiet be positioned on the relevant meta for every attach of residing that is a part of the experiment (as prolonged as or now not it is a pretty fast list, in another case it’ll quiet be a globally featured meta post).

What does this imply for the rules SE has upheld previously for commercials? The old now not original used to be “excessively considerate, ludicrously on-topic”, what has changed here? What roughly ad does SE engage in tips rotten now? I’ve truly no belief anymore on where SE attracts the motorway for acceptable commercials. Here could possibly possibly very successfully be one of the best injury this experiment has led to to this level, it completely careworn the SE protection on commercials.

What exactly are you making an strive out for? Six months is truly now not a take a look at in my knowing, that is conclude to organising a original attach of residing quo for commercials on SE. What parameters is SE observing here and the utilization of to make a decision on whether to scurry forward with the commercials permanently?

answered Jun 19 at 21: 52

For various days I’ve seen that every particular person “team commercials” rep disappeared, and intermittent “workers” commercials (irrelevant to the positioning) popped up for now not decrease than a day. The particular attach of residing is tex.stackexchange.

The team labored dazzling now not easy to craft commercials to call attention to non-stackexchange resources that could possibly possibly well be helpful to novices first visiting the positioning — resources that provide more now not original info and products and companies than can with out trouble be conveyed in a matter/reply format. But these are truly gone.

Will they attain lend a hand?


This used to be a malicious program and has since been fastened. Thanks for pointing it out!

attach of residing-completed

Update by OP

As of fine-looking out now (a day and a half of after the file that the malicious program used to be fastened), I sight both commercials for groups and paid commercials (for a Microsoft product no much less), but no team commercials. So one thing used to be changed, but now not the repair that used to be requested. Please like one other sight.


Here is fastened and team commercials are appearing (now not on every single online page, but that’s the same because it progressively used to be). We’ve shifted them down one slot if a paid ad appears on online page.

But one other OP substitute

It has now been a week for the reason that remaining acknowledged substitute. And I rep seen an substitute on the moment that changed the appears to be like of the row of packing containers that identifies the originate of reply (presumably to work larger on a small veil, and presumably efficient for that). However the ad scenario has now not improved. They now seem to look on fewer than 10% of pages, and workers commercials are considerable more frequent than team commercials. Unless my reminiscence is enormously deficient, sooner than this switch, the team commercials feeble to look on design over 50% of pages, and had been relevant in context. Here’s a truly unhappy loss for our team.

answered Jun 20 at 2: 24

Thanks for placing this on Meta so we are able to condense loads of the suggestions here.

I’m questioning if we’ll sight commercials tailored to particular sites within the prolonged accelerate.

I’m as overjoyed as someone that we are able to engage Joel caffeinated, and for the reason that 2016 announcement and the 2018 substitute on the commercials program, I used to be having a sight forward to this pass a small, because there had been two predominant reassurances:

  1. Ads would rep a very strict, excessively ludicrous quality engage watch over barrier, as Stack Overflow has stood by within the past.
  2. Ads would be topical, if doable, for some or all sites.

Level 1 has been talked about honest now not too prolonged within the past by fairly a few of us and no question will sight extra discussion, so I could now not kvetch about that. I will discuss Level 2, i.e. topicality. There used to be a lot of emphasis a couple years on lend a hand on why community-wide commercials would be helpful for fairly a few customers; particularly, that complete groups of non-programmers would be drawn in by commercials connected to the topics they’re hear to expect and reply questions about. To use Tim’s continued example of Seasoned Recommendation, there could be a total bunch of cooks in that kitchen who could possibly possibly very successfully be attracted to cutlery-connected commercials.

From what we rep viewed to this level, there has been no tailoring of ad scope to every attach of residing. Arguably the opposite. Seasoned Recommendation saw some stuff that does now not sight cherish a spatula (kudos to y’all in favour of addressing that mercurial, though). All of the commercials seem generic; furthermore, I’m getting the impact that SE doesn’t rep any quality or scope engage watch over over what commercials we sight – apart from facing problematic commercials after the fact and possibly having a phrase with the party to blame. Which could imply that or now not it is now not recuperating from here.

So here is my question: Are we ever going to sight topical commercials? We’ve obtained over 170 sites – I’ve given up counting by now – and it could well most likely possibly possibly well clearly be absolutely absurd to expect you guys to one way or the other determine a total bunch of ludicrously on-topic commercials for every particular person. I could possibly possibly well be amazed while you pulled that off. But on the same time . . . now not all of those sites are exactly high ad targets, as had been acknowledged a couple years earlier. Presumably it could well most likely well be doable to tailor ad topics if most productive a smaller subset of websites saw commercials (or now not it is more straightforward to filter commercials for 20 sites in want to 170+, perfect-looking out)? But from what you are saying, every attach of residing will derive these commercials at remaining, at least in this part of issues.

As Tim said lend a hand in 2018,

On the opposite hand, you’re the consultants on these topics and we’re very seemingly going to hearken to you.

. . .

Ads are usually now not perfect another to sell stuff, they’re another to truly show veil those that we realize a given topic.

It kinda appears cherish that belief has been given up on, which is a small disappointing, because I believed it’ll be a great formulation to forge connections with the community sites . . . but I could possibly possibly well cherish to perceive if or now not it is truly the case that it couldn’t be occurring. Clearly, while you do now not know but, that’s additionally comely. But . . . this used to be one among the definite issues I believed could possibly possibly well attain out of this, and I’m now not seeing heads nor tails of it.

answered Jun 20 at 1: 22

We’ve received studies … We’ve additionally received studies …

Here’s a mountainous scenario. Originate taking some accountability of the convey material posted on your attach of residing, sooner than it goes onto the positioning. As a publisher, you are already legally to blame for it, so it’ll the truth is be on your rep most productive passion to spend now not decrease than effort into reviewing commercials.

answered Jun 24 at 6: 37

I’m concerned primarily based mostly completely on the examples cited by Monica and HDE 226868 and what they’ve already viewed on the community.

These examples – Bikini commercials on Plot of labor and foreign language commercials on Seasoned Recommendation – seem pretty low quality. Frankly, they sound cherish one thing that must had been caught sooner than going stay.

Are you able to existing a small bit about how the typical / look advertising partners / direction of of getting commercials to look is diverse from what at the moment exists? Most likely that can inspire us realize a small more of why these kinds commercials are appearing when many of us are aware of larger quality commercials (or fewer commercials on account of privilege level).

answered Jun 20 at 6: 09

I set apart now not rep a scenario with commercials in now not original. But I sight that keen commercials are being allowed. Intelligent elements of any form make the on-line cognitively inaccessible for folk with visual processing difficulties. Particularly, it violates WCAG success criterion 2.2.2 by along side auto-transferring elements that could possibly possibly’t be paused by the patron.

What took attach of residing to your acknowledged dedication to conserving accessibility?

answered Jun 24 at 4: 22

As a level for historical reference, it is most likely you’ll possibly possibly need even handed making an strive to engage in tips the Spanish Fork, when the Spanish-language Wikipedia contributors left for a forked model of the mission when Wikipedia equipped it could well most likely possibly possibly well engage in tips working commercials. It’s why Wikipedia quiet does now not accelerate commercials, puts more focal level on its nonprofit attach of residing, and has so considerable focal level on fundraising by donations as a substitute.

(Looking for reviews to hyperlink to for more info, I stumbled on this one and vaugely rob that the story could possibly possibly well additionally be in this chapter of a e book that’s now not to hand for me at unique.)

Even though a sufficiently excessive mass of typical contributors to SE obtained so upset by commercials that they chose to fork and scurry away, any such team would quiet face challenges of funding server payments, trend charges, non-team moderation (DMCA and so on.), and face an uphill battle for visibility. On the opposite hand, any such team could possibly possibly well steal to engage watch over the funds with larger transparency and orientation in the direction of one of the best of the team in want to optimizing for shareholder price. The existing SE could possibly possibly derive closer to that if it chose to construct so.

Interestingly now not too prolonged within the past, we rep viewed an growing level of the SE workers getting away from consumer-centered originate and being attentive to the team (perfect one example here), and this commercials initiative with all its flaws and lack of now not original concerns (esp. around attach of residing appropriateness!) is presumably the latest in that sample.

Presumably there is a sense that the continuing contributions of the team are much less most important than they once had been as a results of SE having already constructed up any such monumental database of helpful convey material; this attach of residing or any replicate would proceed keeping most important price even though all original contributions stopped the next day. On the opposite hand, I warning in opposition to getting too tickled in that attach of residing, and driving away contributions that are quiet core to the prolonged-timeframe success of SE’s industry mannequin.

answered Jun 20 at 20: 04

If you happen to cherish to file an commercial, please like a screenshot of the ad and paste the URL (if doable) along with the positioning where you saw it to a comment or reply. I will file it to the commercials workers and we are able to trace it down to investigate.

Were any engineers focused on the discussion relating to the formulation to file commercials?

Why don’t you’ve an actual form “File This Advert” button that captures all of that data?

Monica Cellio

115k38 gold badges289 silver badges556 bronze badges

answered Jun 24 at 13: 14

I’m more panicked relating to the next pass.

OK, you’ve realized that your unique buziness mannequin is now not so ambiance friendly and you will need commercials to make the sites working. I’m now not an expert and I must quiet scurry away the technical complaints to the more qualified of us. Some could possibly possibly even feel sympathetic and pork up this choice. In my knowing, I will use my treasured ad-blocker on every occasion I derive pissed off and if the ad-blocker is out of hand (cherish after I’m on mobile) then I will perfect curse. No scenario.

But I’m imagining the scenario that this mannequin has a uncomfortable result, i.e. the commercials derive only a few clicks on account of the incontrovertible truth that most of us are now not attracted to seeing them and block them. Then what would be the next pass? Would possibly well we derive the message “please turn off your ad-blocker, or else it is most likely you’ll possibly possibly now not be ready to sight the convey material” on every occasion we visit the positioning? That is when the issues derive truly unpleasant.

answered Jun 22 at 16: 23

All americans retains talking about keen commercials and video commercials, but I have not viewed any level out but of a technique more critical topic: JavaScript in commercials.

Simply attach, there is now not always any reliable reason for it to exist, but a great deal of illegitimate ones. We’ve already viewed malvertising showing up on Stack Alternate commercials. To this point, or now not it has been microscopic to browser fingerprinting, but it’ll with out trouble derive worse if that considerable is getting thru.

We need a zero tolerance protection on commercials working scripts. The most interesting acceptable now not original is no JavaScript code on any ad, on any attach of residing, for any reason, no exceptions, no excuses. One thing decrease than it’ll derive the positioning adblocked by many of of tech-savvy customers who want to provide protection to their systems from malware.

answered Jun 26 at 22: 34

Generating income from non-technology sites will enable us to devote more resources to meeting your needs so that is correct data!

I could possibly possibly well cherish to hear more about this “precise data”. The response from Stack Alternate workers on the Photography attach of residing (sight What can Stack Alternate construct enhance this attach of residing to larger originate a pictures team of put collectively here?) has been fairly underwhelming, with fairly a few glib “it’ll enable the team” comments and clearly no discovering out on the total existing team conversations even after I equipped links to them.

Are there any active plans for helping sites cherish Photography attain their most likely? To be entirely honest, this feels cherish an afterthought to monetization (and therefore, the claim of “precise data” a small… doublespeaky).

answered Jun 20 at 15: 49

On the least allow the unique reduced commercials privileges to proceed working

The those that generate the convey material that generates ad income have to now not be discipline to the same level of commercials.

Create now not block adblock customers

I do know I in my belief will delete my story if that turns into a thing (particularly if uBlock even can’t derive around it 🙂 ). Evident at you APKMirror. I’m primarily on mobile info so every MB an ad makes use of apart from to to the positioning counts. Even though while you don’t put into effect anti-adblock and make double definite nothing shady or any viruses derive in commercials, I will disable it. These sites rep helped me so considerable customarily or now not it is price it.

I will reiterate what others rep said: nothing intrusive cherish keen or video commercials

Here is key to be definite customers can additionally focal level on the convey material and now not perfect the commercials. Also some customers who possibly rep seizures or likewise will fancy that.

I will’t relate it ample. Teach material. Moderation.

You couldn’t let me post photos of females scantily clad or of shady Asian dating sites or posts with malware, so why must quiet advertising suppliers be allowed to even within the occasion that they give money? A fashion to mitigate threat of malicious commercials is to forbid JS in commercials. Also strive to focal level commercials to the positioning discipline topic.

Also please comprise a technique for us to flag rotten commercials. We know your moderation systems can’t progressively capture every thing.

And provide eliminating of commercials for a small month-to-month price

And I imply small. Treasure single digits USD. Resolve a sight at XDA ad-free for an example

I will be overjoyed to chat about any difference within the comments.

answered Jun 24 at 2: 18

The price in Stack Alternate, is its contributors. So Stack Alternate seeks to punish its contributors with commercials? How is that this a “precise thing”? How is that this the most productive formulation to generate income?

answered Jun 23 at 23: 03

I have not viewed someone bring the next up:

Please construct now not rep commercials on beta sites.

These rep ample considerations because it is getting a team going. Until a attach of residing is graduated, it’ll quiet be spared (non-team) commercials.

answered Jun 26 at 13: 21

I don’t accept as true with monetization by itself is unpleasant. Probabilities are you’ll possibly possibly must engage the servers working, and the workers paid and overjoyed. But I will echo some sentiment on the part of others here; while you specialize in “Reactive” is correct ample, you are horrible.

It’s going to very successfully be one strike or three for some customers. I accelerate uBlock Origin, loads of the sites I visit are white listed; if I derive pleasure from their convey material they derive my ad views. On the opposite hand, when those commercials turn out to be malicious or defective those sites lose that white list attach of residing… and they contend with there. Several monumental sites are on that list for a pretty lax design to facing the scenario.

So definite be “reactive” on your experiment; but undergo in tips that fairly a few customers will be working their very rep experiment. Transparency can most productive inspire your case, but when we by no design learn about ad-partners that you simply now not work with, or causes for slips within the ad quality, now we have not any incentive to turn commercials lend a hand on.

answered Jun 21 at 19: 47

Please steer clear of the utilization of keen commercials and video commercials.

They conclude my cell cell telephone’s battery, apart from to being demanding.

answered Jun 24 at 22: 20

There appears to be a push for monetization at the moment occurring at Stack Alternate.
Just a few examples of this:

  1. resulting in a sales online page for unauthenticated customers.
  2. The countless UI adjustments and make contact with to actions geared toward peddling Stack Overflow Teams.
  3. Stack Overflow Jobs.
  4. And now this.

Or now not it is gotten to some degree where even some moderators are weighing in in opposition to those strikes.

I accept as true with or now not it is time for Stack Alternate to attain out and clearly relate what it needs to be. Attain you cherish to must be a products and companies firm or a team?

Wikipedia needed to make any such decision relating to this topic, and they opted to retain donation drives as a substitute, which is in retaining with their dedication to fostering their team.

I accept as true with that, in an identical design, Stack Alternate has to face any such decision. It’d be the honest thing to construct, since perfect-looking out now or now not it is staying on the fence and is now not definite whether it needs to milk the team or make investments in it by offering larger moderation tools, and so on.

Baiting and Switching

Lastly, I could cherish to touch upon how this pass appears to be like cherish to a mere consumer cherish me:

To me, this feels cherish a bait and switch, akin to what diverse tech corporations are doing as of now not too prolonged within the past.

All these corporations are luring you in with a “team feeling” or “free” stuff, intelligent you to spend countless hours of your free time contributing to their product, oftentimes with some numbers, badges or digital medals as a reward.

All that is completely comely. On the opposite hand, it appears that company has now not revealed their chunky conception. Peep, when the userbase is successfully established and extensive, their conception is to attain in and monetize every thing, even though customers are in opposition to it. Certain, feedback could possibly possibly well switch a minor thing or two, but the everlasting quest will progressively be: How construct we make considerable more money off our customers?

This thread is a super example of this, as execs shock whether to lend a hand commercials with JavaScript tracking and keen commercials to volunteers that are regularly the lifeblood of the positioning.

I accept as true with Stack Overflow will income from some introspection, to hopefully steal a diverse route.

answered Jun 30 at 2: 20

I could now not tips (non-keen static image) commercials in any admire.

But I don’t cherish tracking. That’s why I use uBlock Origin. Or now not it is now not to block the commercials themselves; or now not it is to block Google or whoever from following me in every single attach of residing I’m going.

Most likely it is most likely you’ll possibly possibly sell your rep ad blueprint at once in want to outsourcing it to a third-party community? Stack Overflow is mountainous ample it is most likely you’ll possibly possibly presumably retain it, and it could well most likely possibly possibly well even earn more money by reducing out Google. Not to level out of us cherish me who block the commercials now not because they’re demanding, but because Google is working them – I could presumably whitelist Stack Alternate if that’s the case.

answered Jun 27 at 18: 33

In uncover to verbalize commercials on my computer (i.e. be whitelisted in uBlock Origin) you may want to follow minimal standards for commercials.

  1. No animation/video
  2. No cookies
  3. No JavaScript code
  4. No tracking/ping backs
  5. No slowing down online page loads
  6. Not more than 10% of the veil blueprint
  7. “File ad” button subsequent to every particular person
  8. No NSFW convey material
  9. Verbalize that any injury led to by your attach of residing (e.g. malvertising) will be rectified, i.e. paid for

These terms are rather easy to conform with, presumably the most productive option being to simply lend a hand up human-reviewed JPEG files from your rep servers.

answered Jun 28 at 13: 07

Tenet proposal

  • Static commercials: most productive a raster image (or vector inlined in a info URL to lead clear of code execution), with an https hyperlink openable on click, in _blank target and with an particular warning.
  • Upvote and downvote buttons for every ad, one among the predominant and most beneficial elements of the community.
  • File button permitting to specify a message, retaining off irrational studies.
  • Topic-focused commercials: every attach of residing on the community must quiet show veil contents connected to the positioning topic, with out tracking the patron in any formulation.
  • Careful decision by a successfully-trained workers, with graphic originate knowledges among diverse issues.
  • No animations, nor audio, nor video.
  • Steer clear of technological revenges in opposition to commercial-blockading customers, simply verbalize a small message in attach of residing of the add telling them that they’re going to most productive sight helpful and relevant static commercials that don’t disturb nor song them. This switch must quiet be felt as an boost to the team, now not most productive as «one other formulation more to earn money».

Manner to scurry

Here we are able to be able to add suggestions connected to the management of the advertising community:

  • Ticket your rep commercial community for Stack Alternate sites, offering a excessive-precious target: humongous series of clever those that’re difficult -now not exactly, but sounds successfully- to sight relevant commercials in practical to low quantities.



  • Stack Alternate increases the income wanted to engage working, develop their products and companies, and fulfill their gastronomical needs.
  • The customers can advantage of curated and purposeful commercials.
  • All we can income from the economical growth of Stack Alternate.


  • Ads can clutter the natty consumer interface.
  • Generalist commercial networks can pose many threats to the patron safety and successfully-being: rotten convey material, code execution…

Existing: This reply is supposed to lend a hand as a constructive team wiki helpful resource so we are able to centralize our reaction with out repeating ourselves. Reasonably than downvoting the authentic post to show veil our emotions, we are able to simply develop this reply and upvote it.

My two cents.

  1. No keen commercials. If I sight an keen ad on a attach of residing, I suggested my ad blocker; you lose.
  2. I don’t care which attach of residing I’m on, I’m quiet the same me. So this “focused commercials” thing design small to me. With out reference to if I’m on scifi.SE or on SO, an ad for presumably the latest contemporary by GRRM has the same impact on me. Equally, commercials for coffee or beer most productive count on whether I’m at work or at house, now not which attach of residing I happen to be visiting.

You know me already, I rep cookies enabled, my profile crammed out, and so on. So show veil me the commercials I’m attracted to, now not the commercials that could possibly possibly well be appropriate to the URL I’m having a sight at. Thanks.

The relaxation I want to claim has already been said, but larger, in this thread, so I will refrain from repeating all that.

answered Jun 23 at 13: 41

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