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Did Netflix’s 13 Causes Why in actual fact amplify suicide charges?

by on May 22, 2019 0
The Netflix show deals with the suicide of a young womanNetflixBy Chelsea WhyteIn the Netflix show 13 Reasons Why, 17-year-old Hannah kills herself in a scene that shows her suicide. Following the show’s release, researchers raised concerns about the possibility that it could lead to suicide contagion, in which explicit depictions of self-harm can... Read More

Netflix Is At final Opening Up With Lists of Its Most Standard Reveals

by on May 22, 2019 0
Netflix CEO Reed Hastings Photo: Getty ImagesNetflix is notorious for not giving a single shit about ratings. It does not report viewership numbers to investors, entertainment reporters, Hollywood, or fans—a fact that can be especially frustrating when popular shows seemingly get canceled out of the blue. But in a step toward transparency, today Netflix... Read More

Netflix Is Silent Viewers’ Popular Video Streaming Provider – Market Realist

by on May 22, 2019 0
Rated as the best original programming serviceAlthough video streaming giant Netflix (NFLX) may soon be facing increasing competition from media giants Disney, NBCUniversal, Time Warner, and others, viewers report that they still prefer it over any other service. According to a Morgan Stanley survey, Netflix’s original programming was rated the best among over-the-top subscription services and... Read More

Some Free Ideas for Netflix, Which Needs to Produce Video Video games Now

by on May 21, 2019 0
Image: GettyIn a painfully contrived brands-are-your-friends marketing moment, Netflix tweeted at the E3 gaming expo on Monday, “asking” for a panel slot to discuss its forthcoming roster of tie-in games. Yes, Netflix plans to turn several of its original series into video games, according to the clearly scripted (but totally relatable!) exchange on Twitter.Games... Read More
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